American Stories in the Making

Whether you are a first generation American or if you have been discovering your ancestry through research or DNA services, we ALL have a unique story to tell about what it means to us to be American. Share your unique story on March 16th during a special program at the Freeport Art Museum.

From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, multi-media artist Pia Cruzalegui will document the American story of Freeport residents through a special photo shoot open to the entire community. During the photo shoot, the artist will ask each person or family to share a story about their heritage in an informal setting. The artist will later produce a short film capturing the highlights of the stories. Each participating family can select to receive a digital image or choose an 8 x 10 print for $5.00.

Register here to be a part of Freeport's American Story.