Exhibition Proposals

The Freeport Art Museum accepts exhibition proposals for the 1st floor Main Galleries. FAM supports emerging and established artists working in all types of media.

If you are a professional or emerging artist with an exhibition idea and interest in being considered for an exhibition opportunity at the Freeport Art Museum, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • FAM is primarily seeking exhibitions that feature three or more artists with art works focused under an embodied exhibition theme.  Artists, please notice that although FAM does not discourage solo artist exhibition proposals, we will caution you that group exhibitions are most often selected over solo exhibitions. The Freeport Art Museum rarely features solo shows for artists.  We are primarily looking for large group exhibitions (approximately 45-50 wall pieces) for the main floor rotating gallery space.
  • To submit an exhibition proposal, send an email with the subject line "Exhibition Proposal- [the title of the exhibition], with a brief message and an attchment of a single PDF file with the following information to info@freeportartmuseum.org:
  1. A cover letter with the contact information for the primary person who will represent the group for the exhibition proposal. 
  2. A typed exhibition statement. The exhibition statement should explain what the exhibition is about and why the exhibition would be a good fit for FAM. (approximately 500-1,000 words)
  3. An artist statement for each participating artist.
  4. A two-page art CV from each participating artist.
  5. 15- 20 digital images of the art works (number of images should appropriately divided among the contributing artists).
  • Here are also a few links to some helpful articles about how to prepare an exhibition proposal:  EmptyEasel.com-"How to Put Together a Successful Exhibition Proposal to Send"                                                                       The Art Biz- "Drafting a Winning Exhibition Proposal"
  • Artists are highly recommended to send the exhibition proposal as a single PDF file to the email address listed above. If you must send a hardcopy submission please send it to: Freeport Art Museum 121 N. Harlem Ave. Freeport, IL 61032. Please be aware that the single digital PDF Proposal is easy digitally share with the committtee, so if you choose to send a hardcopy the review process will take longer. Please do not send any materials that you wish to be returned. 
  • One of the key elements we requested above is a written exhibition proposal. In approximately 500-1,000 words, the typed exhibition proposal should explain to the exhibition committee 1) what is the message of the exhibition and the artworks and/or the message of the entire group exhibition 2) the reasons why your exhibition will attract visitors to the museum and 3) why your proposal should be selected for display at FAM.
  • Image quality counts! Make sure image photos are clear, well lit, with appropriate orientation (verticals should not open as a horizontal file, etc.), and free of distracting backgrounds. If we are interested in you exhibition, we may contact you with a request for high resolution digital image files in JPEG format. Make sure your images are properly saved and have not been degraded by too much compression. If you are a Mac user, please save all of your files compatible for a PC.
  • DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. The Museum does not accept original works for exhibition proposals and cannot be held responsible for originals sent to us.
  • Maps and measurements of the galleries are provided below. *Please note that at this time exhibition proposals that can fill BOTH the Newell and Ferguson Galleries will be considered. Proposals for only one gallery space will not be considered.
  • Send digital submissions to: info@freeportartmuseum.org with a brief message in the email.


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