Featuring Artists: Les Allen, Rosalie Koldan, and Paul Nitsche

May 12 - July 8, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, May 12th   5-7 pm

The artists in, Fabrication, assemble an array of objects, fabricating imagined and unexpected scenes. Initially, the works’ combination of elements might appear contradictory or even illogical which challenges the viewer to make sense of the unfamiliar by placing themselves within the scenes. The results are surreal-like compositions that pull at the viewers unconscious.

Les Allen’s series of fantastical/surreal photographs, created in his studio and printed in the traditional wet darkroom, are construct set-ups which may look digitally manipulated, but they are not.  Every detail in his work is done by his own hands, including all darkroom processes and archival mounting and framing and of course the constructions themselves.

More information about Allen and his work can be found on his website at: lesallenphotography.wordpress.com

Rosalie Koldan was born in Chicago and moved to Amboy, Illinois in 2006. Primarily a self-taught artist, she strives to widen her knowledge through intense study. Her research into various cultures, techniques, and processes assures the work will continue to evolve. Political, social and environmental issues are important to her and often find their way into the artwork.

An “assemblage” is a work of art made by linking together objects not intended as art materials and establishing a symbolic meaning. When wood is worn or split, metal is rusted or bent, when fabric is soiled or torn, newspaper print is faded, they gain a character which unmarked materials lack. When an object can be identified, more specific associations can be made. Matter that surrounds us every day is made to be more visible. With every work of art comes a duality of matter and spirit, making the integrity of the arrangements thought provoking and evocative.

More information about Rosalie and her work, can be found on her website at:                           https://www.facebook.com/koldanart/ 

Paul Nitsche interprets the place where art intersects the historical representation of the human body. From the secret geography of anatomical exploration, to the edge-worn dress of paper figurines, Paul's carved and veneered shadowboxes, bronze and limestone sculpture, and mechanical paper doll automata, implement the craft and aesthetics of Victoriana and the Romantic Age of Science. Often of illness and time, an unspoken psychological narrative is projected by the beautiful but crumbling figures within.

More information about Paul and his work can be found on his website at: www.paulnitsche.com