Mini Masterpieces 5th Biennial

The Freeport Art Museum's

5th Biennial

Mini Masterpieces Exhibition 

May 31st to August 3rd, 2019

Opening Reception and Silent Auction: Friday, May 31st 5-8 pm

2019 marks the 5th showing of the FAM Mini Masterpieces exhibition! Mini Masterpieces is a fundraising exhibition where participating artists are challenged to create works on a small or rather miniature scale. These miniatures, measuring no more than six by six inches square, are generously donated to the museum for a silent auction event that raises funds to support the Freeport Art Museum.

FAM is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that receives no direct tax support; proceeds from this event will directly contribute to FAM’s mission and ensure the future of the arts and art education in our community.

5th Biennial Mini Masterpiece Artists

  • Anderson, Richard (Batavia, IL)

My work is the result of living in the Middle East as a child and attempting to learn Arabic writing. Over my lifetime the attempts morphed into the characters you see before you. If you look closely you may see some Arabic . . . some distorted English . . . or perhaps just the gibberish known as “Anderson Characters.”

  • Apgar, Jean (Rockford, IL)

Creating my art in the various media I use is as much a part of me as breathing. My inspiration comes from the small, even insignificant, things that surround us in everyday life.

  • Barnat, Larissa (Dekalb, IL)

Using gradients and blending organic shapes with neon colors, I create paintings that are bright but depressing. The digitization look is meant to create a new visual dialogue derived from my infatuation and hatred with the digital age. Bold colors create a futuristic and atmospheric presence with a sense of hopelessness.

  • Bartels, Ellen R. (Freeport, IL)

Working in an abstract style frees me to experiment with process and challenges me to focus on the emotional and aesthetic qualities of each piece. For process, I really enjoy layering, scraping, and putting together unusual color combinations. I am motivated by organic forms, symbols, and stories.

  • Baxter, Carrie (Noblesville, IN)

The sense of being outdoors is the primary element of my work. Working with the molten layers of pigmented wax speaks to both our visceral and tactile senses. The media itself also allows me to incorporate a variety of additional materials for a mixed media effect of the stylized imagery, forms, and patterns I find in nature.

  • Bergnaga, Phyllis (Freeport, IL)

It’s always an interesting challenge to see if I can create something meaningful on a small space. The fox was a visitor in my yard hunting breakfast. I was excited about all the colors on the pigeon.

  • Blanco, Tania (Naperville, IL)

I work in a variety of mediums which include collage, acrylic, watercolor, and pastels. I am inspired by organic shapes and nature. Many of my compositions contain birds because I believe birds matter by giving us song and color. Occasionally I create abstract art inspired by spiritual moments.

  • Burton Klapp, Donna (Freeport, IL)

Statement not provided.

  • Cash, Penny (Rockford, IL)

Art is my release. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world when I’m translating an impression. My process is to be moved by imagery to the degree I MUST interpret it. I see in my art an escape. I want the viewer to feel or see something that I have captured in their psyche, even natural beauty that’s too seldom made time for. My goal is to perfect this ability.

  • Cziperle, Charlotte (Burr Ridge, IL)

Painting in both abstract and impressionistic style, my artwork is an expression of how I perceive the world at any given moment in time. My artwork is contemplative and ethereal, taking the viewer on a meditative visual journey into a realm that fosters reflection of where they have been and where life has yet to take them.

  • Dezell, Nancy (Freeport, IL)

My artwork represents the beauty of nature.

  • Garrett, Diana (Freeport, IL)

I love to capture beauty, expression, color, and sometime humor in my artwork. Painting is my yoga, meditation, and passion.

  • Gherke, Emily (McConnell, IL)

I have been working with stained glass since 2012. Most of my art is influenced by nature and whimsy. Glass is an exquisite and unforgiving media that makes each piece of work I make truly unique. Enjoy.

  • Giles, Lynn (Galena, IL)

What do you get when you combine photography with classic quilt or barn square designs? Photo quilt squares! It’s a challenge. It’s fun. It’s the juxtaposition of colors and textures within design of a geometric quilt pattern. It’s what happened when I decided to combine two life-long interests: photography and quilting.

  • Haag, Ann (Freeport, IL)

As a Gilding Conservator for over 25 years, I served American Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites. Now utilizing my knowledge of gilding, traditional art materials, and conservation, I create art. I am most inspired by gold; its varied applications and ascribed meanings across cultures and time. I enjoy exploring and pushing the ideological and physiological boundaries of its use in my latest work. 

  • Hamilton, Carol (Woodstock, IL)

I create meditative abstract art using encaustic. Working small allows me to create mini worlds and try out ideas for larger works.

  • Herendeen, Art (Freeport, IL)

Statement not provided.

  • Hoskins, Jennifer (Columbia, SC)

Jennifer Kelly Hoskins is an artist who primarily works in mixed media. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina. Hoskins studied painting and drawing and worked as a curator in Italy at Florence University of the Arts.

  • Hudson, JoAnn (Rockford, IL)

I was a state-licensed interior designer. I am now retired. I have participated in art for a number of years. I was the instigator of Unforgettable Art. I have taken many art classes. I have presented my work at Womanspace and Our Saviors Lutheran Church. I prefer acrylic and watercolor. I am a member of the Rockford Art Guild.

  • Jindra, Margaret (Davis, IL)

I have always dreamed of having a little cabin in the woods where I could shut out the noise of the world, read poetry, and paint. Or not. These mini masterpieces convey the serenity of that imagined cabin. Maybe one day?

  • Klingler, Toni (Galena, IL)

I was hooked after making my very first basket. My continued interest in weaving is motivated by the individuality of each piece. Each weaving style provides unique challenges and excitement.

  • Korf, Linda (Oak Brook, IL)

Over the past few years, I have focused on creating with oil and cold wax. I enjoy working with color and texture and can bring those elements together in my oil and cold wax pieces. I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself and working small for this exhibit is one of those challenges.

  • Labañino, Alvaro (Miami, FL)

Alvaro Labañino creates paintings that function as thresholds to his mind; exposing a world of thoughts, life experiences, dreams, nightmares, and fears which he often materializes in the form of personal objects, domestic spaces, and landscapes. He saturates the commonplace with significance and emotion, often portraying the whereabouts of his native Little Havana or the interior of his studio.

  • Latham, Rebecca (Hastings, MN)

Using the restrictions of a black and white palette to create the illusion of reality is always an enjoyable challenge. I was especially drawn to creating the delicate detail and facial expression in such a small space. My hope was to capture the essence in this small portrait.

  • Larsen, Barbara (Rockford, IL)

I am always looking for new ways to express my inner vision of people and the environment. Sometimes I use more traditional mediums such as oil or acrylic paint but lately much of my work is created digitally using a tablet and a drawing instrument.

  • Lesperance, Cindy (Lakemoor, IL)

I love spending time in nature, traveling, and learning about other cultures. Always aware of color, pattern, and texture, these experiences are inspiration for my work. I incorporate a process that I developed, meticulously applying small droplets of encaustic medium, one-by-one to the surface of the painting. This piece was inspired by a trip to the Badlands National Park.

  • Levenson, David (Chicago, IL)

Most of my recent work deals with the idea of power and all its variations.

  • Liberatore, Fiona (Bugnara, Italy)

My work investigates the world interacting with the Internet, publications of photos, selfies, and thoughts that for one reason or another people want to show to the world making them feel important and interesting. The thoughts and the images that are published and quickly seen by the world are as quickly forgotten.

  • Marquez, Paloma (Argentina)

I view man as a module in a complex, infinite system. In his primitive aspect, his cycles and processes, facing daily obstacles, he is still capable of performing colossal feats.

Society is a reflection of each individual. Crowds move in a choreography, dividing, compressing, and dispersing. People, objects, and thoughts generate noise; eternal murmurs that transform into silence.

  • Mastroianni, Carolyn (Freeport, IL)

These paintings are a celebration of Nature’s sublime design sense in the use of shape, color, and texture.

  • Mathews, Jenny (Rockford, IL)

I make art as a way to connect with people I like and give them something of myself. From the first time I won my grade-school classmates approval, right up to watching my grandmother see my first Museum Mural, I draw my inspiration from people. Sometimes I illustrate inside jokes for pals, sometimes I’ll dedicate a whole series of paintings to a person or place as a way to prove my fondness.

  • McCoy, Larry (Davis, IL)

“City Sights” was created by using stamped images from found materials with some knife manipulation. “A Complementary World” is an investigation of what a scene would look like using the color compliments of natural colors.

  • McCoy, Larry and Susan (Davis, IL)

The idea for the “Jovian Beasts” book was thought up by Susan, who created the names and descriptions. Larry designed the beasts, and Susan colored them and assembled the fiber book. This is called an abecedary, which is an alphabet book, and is in the form of a hanging tassel book. The Beasties want you to know they’re very friendly, and we hope you enjoy them.

  • McDonough, Marie (Elizabeth, IL)

My goal is to create, share, and teach woodcarving to all that enjoy the beauty of wood.

  • Merchant, Jessica (Middleton, WI)

Cultivating healthy relationships with our bodies and surroundings is vital in this digitally-driven century. Making art is one way I refocus on the physical world. I prefer tactile, perishable media with warmth and familiarity, like paper and plaster. I seek to make objects that express the material’s innate qualities and hope to communicate the calming, grounding process of creation to viewers.

  • Mosher, Nanette (Freeport, IL)

Silverpoint was an early forerunner of our lead pencils, primarily used during the Renaissance. It is enjoying something of a revival now, and the specialized materials necessary have become commercially available. Delicate, precise, and demanding, it lends itself to small scale works such as these.

  • Napholz, Kathleen (Freeport, IL)

I am inspired by surrealism, pop art, and illustration. I hope to express magical realism through pictures, inspired by children’s literature. I love collage and the juxtaposition of images.

  • Naretta, John (Rockford, IL)

I am a self taught artist. I have exhibited with the Rockford Art Guild at Art Scene, Womanspace, and the Rockford Art Museum. The past 5 years, I have been the Art Department Superintendent for the Winnebago County Fair.

  • Olson, Peter (Dekalb, IL)

Birds are essential to the proper functioning of the planet and the human spirit. They define and animate the spaces they inhabit. They are the most vivid expression of life.

  • O’Neill, Mary Claire (Freeport, IL)

I enjoy creating sculptures and beads using lampworking techniques with glass. Melting glass with a torch – lampworking – affords the maker the opportunity to create with great detail. I enjoy the vivid colors of soft glass, and the ease of creating sculptures with borosilicate glass. These two pieces were made with soft glass from Germany, Italy, and the West Coast of the U.S. Caution: Please keep glass candy away from children!

  • Pinzarrone, Paul (Machesney Park, IL)

This work is an expression of candy-colored sensual puzzles printed on high gloss aluminum. Viewers are drawn in closer to feel comforted yet disturbed, to wonder if it is science fiction or science illustration, mythology or my updated version of art history. All are invited in to play and explore these mirrors.

  • Rose, Janus (Rockford, IL)

Fauxtography uses no lenses or any photographic pixels to create an image. The art is created using digital painting/drawing programs. These pieces are part of the series, Anachronisms, which comments on the shift over the past 50 years from analog to digital solutions for our daily needs. Smartphones were my inspiration.

  • Saludes, Miguel (Bonita Springs, FL)

My work is inspired by my experience of life in America, my adoptive homeland. I make paintings of commonplace and serene spaces and landscapes that acknowledge the environments where I live and work, spaces that often escape the busy and distracted gaze of the crowds. My paintings invite viewers to slow down and take in large amounts of detail and subtle color variations.

  • Sanders-Hughes, Faye (Freeport, IL)

Statement not provided.

  • Schroer, Ethel (Freeport, IL)

I look forward to participating in the Mini Masterpieces show when it is held every two years. These mini gems are so much fun to paint.

  • Simler, Kellene M. (Freeport, IL)

In creating my art it is my intention to express and invoke emotions, new conversations, and perspectives on the world we live in. I pursue techniques that go beyond the expected by choosing materials that reflect my vision. Through transitions, insights, rebirth, and renewal I continue to move forward in my process expanding my creative expression.

  • Smielewski, Cheryl (Freeport, IL)

I am in it with all my heart. Animals, nature, fairy tales, music, and nostalgia are the inspiration for most of my works. I cherish the moments in which I can pick up a paint brush and I am truly blessed by it.

  • Smith, Courtney (Freeport, IL)

Statement not provided.

  • Swan-Johnson  Anne (Savanna, IL)

Art – whether I paint, throw pots, sculpt, or write stories – I am working from my core feelings. I am always surprised how lost I am in the work when time dissolves. So rewarding.

  • Taylor, Barbara (Esmond, IL)

Growing up in Freeport and Cedarville, Barbara has always loved art of all sorts. Her love of nature draws creativity and her paintings reflect moments she refers to as “eye candy.” Painting in her studio in Esmond, Illinois and sharing her art in shows, benefits, and exhibits, keeps her life very full.

  • Treu, Barry (Freeport, IL)

Birds are really challenging. They are such a lively creature that you always run the risk of them becoming frozen in with paint. Hopefully I have captured some of this little bird’s energy.

  • Treu, Priyaa (Dekalb, IL)

The Cloud by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,

From the seas and the streams;

I bear light shade for the leaves when laid

In their noonday dreams.

From my wings are shaken the dews that waken

The sweet buds every one,

When rocked to rest on their mother’s breast,

As she dances about the sun.

I wield the flail of the lashing hail,

And whiten the greens plain under,

And then again I dissolve it in rain,

And laugh as I pass in thunder.

  • Weber, Katherine (Woodstock, IL)

In recent years, I have entered numerous miniature painting competitions and while excited that some have sold, even won awards, nothing beats becoming a member in 2019 of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. in which my granddad showed drypoint etchings in the 1940s, reminding me that often life goes soothingly in full circle.