Executive Director - Jason Judd         

Director of Education - Barry Treu           

Museum Assistant - Tera Loos          

Board of Directors 


Board President - Adam Schulz                      

Director of Human Resources and Customer Service,Furst McNess/Aero            

Board Vice President - Marsha Block

President, My Business Advisors, Former executive for Gilbane Building Company

Board Treasurer - Mariah Leiser                          

Accounting Manager, Hughes Resources Staffing Agency   

Board Secretary - Kelsey Rosenstein           

Assistant Vice President, State Bank, Freeport


Ellen Bartels         Artist and Retired Art Educator for Orangeville Public Schools, Co-founder of                                                       Momentum Art Guild               

Gwen Crow          Pre-School Teacher, Rockford Public Schools      

Pat Garrett Gitz    Senior regional VP of Fundraising, American Heart Association(Retired)

 Mariah Leiser      Accounting Manager, Hughes Resources Staffing Agency             

Aaron Mercier      Superintendent, Regional Office of Education #8             

Neal Trainor        Principal (Retired) Willoglen Academy   

The Freeport Art Museum cannot offer Appraisals

The Freeport Art Museum does NOT appraise artifacts, paintings or other works of art, nor can we recommend appraisers.  As a Not-For-Profit organization, the Freeport Art Museum is legally obligated to refrain from such recommendations as they could be considered a conflict of interest. 

A professional appraiser is the best qualified person to help determine the value of works in your collection.  Please note that most appraisers will charge a fee for their services.

Although museum standards prohibit FAM staff from making specific recommendations, we can offer the following list of national organizations to help you in your search for a qualified professional appraiser.


Appraisers Association of America    212-889-5404 ext. 10

American Society of Appraisers    800-272-8258

International Society of Appraisers    312-981-6778

Art Dealers Association of America    212-488-5550

Private Art Dealers Association    212-572-0772