About the Museum

About the Freeport Art Museum

MISSION: to promote an understanding of art and culture through our collections, exhibitions, and education.

VISION: It is the vision of the Freeport Art Museum to contribute to the vibrancy and revitalization of our community by becoming the region’s foremost resource and destination for art. 

HISTORY: Established in 1975, the Freeport Art Museum (FAM) is housed in a converted brick school built in 1911. The building is owned by the City of Freeport and is leased to FAM. The Museum exhibits art from its large collection as well as regional contemporary artists, and brings traveling exhibitions to the community. FAM supports performing arts and develops art education programming for all ages. The museum serves as a re-granting agency through the Community Arts Access program with the Illinois Arts Council, distributing important funding to a wide variety of arts programs across the area.  

The Freeport Art Museum is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that receives no direct tax support. Operating expenses are procured through fundraising events and individual donations. Proceeds generated from the fundraising events contribute to FAM's mission and ensure the future of the arts and art education in the community.


The Freeport Art Museum cannot offer Appraisals

The Freeport Art Museum does NOT appraise artifacts, paintings or other works of art, nor can we recommend appraisers.  As a Not-For-Profit organization, the Freeport Art Museum is legally obligated to refrain from such recommendations as they could be considered a conflict of interest. 

A professional appraiser is the best qualified person to help determine the value of works in your collection.  Please note that most appraisers will charge a fee for their services.

Although museum standards prohibit FAM staff from making specific recommendations, we can offer the following list of national organizations to help you in your search for a qualified professional appraiser.


Appraisers Association of America    http://www.appraisersassoc.org/    212-889-5404 ext. 10

American Society of Appraisers    http://www.appraisers.org/ASAHome.aspx    800-272-8258

International Society of Appraisers    http://www.isa-appraisers.org/    312-981-6778

Art Dealers Association of America    http://www.artdealers.org/    212-488-5550

Private Art Dealers Association    http://www.pada.net/    212-572-0772